Marketing Compliance

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Marketing Compliance

Tuesday, 30 April
12:00pm - 2:00pm


Marketing law put simply.

Ever feel overwhelmed by marketing legal jargon? These days, marketing law is an absolute need-to-know for all people in the marketing industry. With the continuous influx of new digital content, how are we supposed to keep up!

The Marketing Compliance workshop is all about helping businesses avoid marketing tactics that could invade the safeguards of the privacy rights of consumers. Are you taking special care to ensure your business practices, customer data, and marketing content are in compliance with the laws and policies that protect your customers?

What's covered?
  • The Privacy Act (are you familiar with the changes introduced in 2020?)
  • The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act (this covers your digital campaigns... but what’s the important word missing in the title?)
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Law (music, video, film, literature- who owns the rights?)
  • Fair Trading Act (are your product claims sustainable? 20% off what?)
  • And more, including best practice!
Make this workshop your all around compliance, law, and best practices overview.

Course structure
One live online session on Tuesday, 30 April from 12:00pm - 2:00pm. The facilitator will present the topic live online with other participants. There will also be activities and resources to support your learning.


  • $195.00 + GST Members
  • $395.00 + GST Non Members
  • Special rates available for students*, registered charities and multiple bookings. Contact us.

Learning Outcomes

You'll Learn About

  • The Privacy Act
  • The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Law
  • Sales Promotions

To Achieve

  • Confidence in your business' marketing compliance and law
  • Best practice tactics for your organisation
  • A broad understanding of recent changes in marketing privacy and services acts

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has a role within the marketing industry.

Designers, copywriters, social media managers, videographers, and those in any other similar content creation role.

Project managers, brand managers, CMOs, and anyone in a similar customer/stakeholder facing role.
Ketih Norris at Smarter Data

Facilitator, Keith Norris

Independent Consultant, Marketing Association

Keith is a specialist consultant in regulatory and legislative affairs affecting the marketing industry. He brings 30+ years of experience in all things marketing law and compliance, and remains the leading privacy advocate and compliance consultant at the MA. 

Thank you for presenting the refresher course. The team thoroughly enjoyed it and we will be signing up for more MA courses in the coming weeks.

In-house workshop organiser, 2022

Was a great session and [Keith] did a great job at not making it dry-thank you!

in-house workshop organiser, 2022

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