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It Takes Boobs: Changing the Narrative to Create a Truly Disruptive Campaign

You are in for a real treat at the August Marketing Disrupted event as we livestream in the women behind the provocative global ‘It Takes Boobs’ campaign. Designed for purpose-driven, female-focused Australian insurance brand Stella, the campaign showcases the power of marketing to change stereotypes. 

Anita Manchester, Head of Marketing at Stella and Chiquita King from Cocogun will discuss the creative idea behind the campaign, how it ties into Stella’s brand values, and the reason why disruptive campaigns are necessary.

  • Building a powerful platform to drive real change
  • The ingredients required to do something disruptive
  • The role of brands in shaping our language and avoiding unconscious bias.
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Wednesday 9 August 2023
10:00am - 11:00am

*Timing subject to change


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About Anita

Anita Manchester is the Head of Marketing at Stella Insurance since it launched in 2020. A dynamic leader and seasoned marketer, Anita’s worked for some of the biggest names in the business and is renowned for building brands, making creative ideas a reality and connecting with customers to deliver successful business outcomes.

She’s a resolute optimist with a vision to put women back in the driver’s seat. She’s bringing the Stella story to life through purpose-driven values, building a community of likeminded women, developing trusted partnerships and ultimately helping to educate, support and empower the lives of women.

Stella Insurance, unapologetically for women.

Stella is a purpose-driven insurance brand that is mission-led, authentically different and passionately pro-women. Created by women, for women, they’re delivering insurance solutions that are adapted and tailored to the needs of women. Stella wants to empower customers and humanise insurance which is clearly no small challenge. The world moves forward when we work together, as partners, allies, equals. That’s why Stella partner with like-minded people and organisations creating a community to drive actionable change for women. A portion of their profits is given to women focused charities and organisations with a shared vision to help improve the lives of women. Stella is passionate about challenging the status quo, championing equality and building products for a fairer world, starting with insurance.

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About Chiquita

Chiquita King is Managing Director of Cocogun and founded the agency with Creative Partner Ant Melder in early 2019. CK is a champion of ideas and is known to light a fire in the most jaded of marketing and advertising veterans. CK has worked for some of the world’s most lauded agencies and is a regular industry speaker, mentor and judge.

She is renowned for building client partnerships based on trust, her unwavering work ethic and deep love of creativity. She’s also the proud mum of three beautiful children.

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