Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder Management

Wednesdays | 5 June - 10 July 
12:00pm - 1:30pm
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“This is a time of head-snapping change and everywhere you look there is disruption and upheaval. But very few things have changed as much as marketing has – e.g. digital, search, social, content marketing, mobile, Ai, marketing automation, data visualisation, the cloud, in bound, analytics etc, etc etc. That’s a lot of change. But underneath all this change, one thing has, unfortunately, stayed the same. And it might be the number one obstacle to great marketing in most companies.
This obstacle is preventing you from doing great things. It’s befuddling your best strategies, watering down your strongest brews and spoiling your most brilliant executions. I think you know what I’m talking about – your Stakeholders! They’re ruining your marketing. Everybody understands this but it just keeps happening.”

-Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners, UK.

Doug Kessler nailed it in his summary of one of the key challenges for marketers – managing stakeholders. So, we thought we better provide a workshop that takes you through the both the theory of stakeholder management and the practicalities of identifying which stakeholders are important and then developing a road map in managing them.

An interactive workshop looking at both internal and external stakeholders as well reviewing cultural considerations. Plus, you will hear from some of New Zealand’s leading marketers on ‘traps for young players’ in stakeholder management and how they approach this critical part of implementing marketing strategy.

Course structure
A live session will be held Wednesdays at 12:00pm - 1:30pm on June 5th, June 19th, June 26th and July 10th. The facilitator will present that week's topic live online with other participants. There will also be activities and resources to support your learning. 

Professionally Certified Strategic Marketer
This is a core course to become a
Professionally Certified Strategic Marketer

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  • $950.00 + GST Non Members
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Learning outcomes

You'll Learn About:

  • Some of the key theories of stakeholder management
  • Why Mendalow's matrix is a key tool in your stakeholder toolbox
  • Identifying who some of marketers' typical stakeholders are and which are the most important

So you can:

  • Understand who your various stakeholders are and why they are important
  • Sell in your marketing strategy and receive minimal change
  • Develop your own stakeholders' management plan for your various projects

To achieve:

  • A strategy to manage all relevant stakeholders
  • Better buy in through the organisation of your marketing strategy
  • Greater innovation in your marketing

Who should attend:

All marketers who want to manage their stakeholders in a more efficient manner

Tony Gardner

Facilitator, Tony Gardner

Managing Director, Archetype

Tony works with private and public organisations to grow their leaders and teams. He develops leaders by growing their leadership skills and their ability to lead people in authentic, influential ways.

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