Mailbox Complaints.

How to handle (and avoid) them.

It's the rules.

If you have a sticker on your mailbox that reads Addressed Mail Only, No Circulars or something similar and you're still receiving unaddressed advertising mail, you can report this by emailing the complaints department of the major distribution company.

Do not mail

Unaddressed Mail

The major distribution company keeps a very close eye on whether it's one of their contractors who has delivered the material. By providing details of what you have received, they will be able to identify who is responsible and take quick action to remind their delivery staff of the importance of respecting the mailbox signs.

You can also report the dumping of bundles of material.

Again, please be specific - it will speed up the collection of the material.

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How to email your complaint

If you have a "No Junk Mail" (or similar) sticker on your mailbox and unaddressed advertising material is still being put in it, you can report it by emailing REACH NZ:

Make sure you give details of what your mailbox sign says as well as what's been delivered.

The major distributor REACH NZ are committed to ensuring that you do not receive unwanted advertising circulars.

Mailbox complaints

National Code of Practice

The National Code of Practice for the Distribution of Unaddressed Mail is supported by the major distributor - REACH NZ - who are committed to making the Code work. This code explains exactly what unaddressed mail can be delivered to your mailbox.

Download a copy of the code.

Some cities have introduced Waste Management Bylaws which include rules on Unaddressed Mail. These rules are, in most cases, the same as those in the Code for Unaddressed Mail.

No Junk mail

What is Junk Mail?

Aha! The $64 million-dollar question! The answer, of course, is that it depends entirely upon your personal views. Some people say they love receiving unaddressed advertising flyers because that's how they make their shopping choices. Others only want to receive their community newspaper and mail addressed to them, while others don't even want the newspaper. So, the sticker you display should reflect your wishes.

  • No unaddressed mail/No junk mail
  • Addressed mail and newspapers
  • Addressed mail only


Will displaying a sticker stop all unaddressed mail?

You will notice a reduction in the amount of unaddressed material when you have a sticker on your mailbox. However, there could still be small local businesses, church or community groups, for example, who continue to deliver their advertising/promotional material into mailboxes in their local neighbourhood, believing that they are providing a useful service.

If it's not of interest to you, the best thing to do is put it into your recycling bin.


Where can I get a sticker?

Most hardware stores stock a range of inexpensive stickers but you can also make your own sign if you prefer. We recommend you have it laminated to protect it from the weather.