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Brainy Breakfast - 9 Feb Auckland

Brainy Breakfast Auckland Is Around The Corner!

Goodbye cookies. Hello 1st Party data.
Understanding the impact on targeting, tracking & measurement

The changes to IOS14 and the loss of third-party cookies will have a massive impact on marketing, advertising, and customer experience. Are you and your organisation ready?

While there’s no single solution to cookie death, marketers need to understand where they rely on cookies currently, what impact these changes will have on their ability to serve personalised ads & content, and what options will be available when it comes to targeting, tracking, and measurement.

If you are currently grappling with similar challenges and want practical ‘how-to’ advice that is relatable for NZ marketers, then join us for our first Brainy Breakfast of 2022.


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workshop: Advanced social media attendee

Andrea, 2021

Pitched perfectly for the learning needs of most in the room, great insights, valuable sharing from other participants. 

workshop: breakthrough marketing plans attendee

Rebecca Clarke, Kiwibank, 2021

The course content and delivery was great, I found everything really valuable for my role so I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it - thank you.

workshop: building blocks of brand strategy attendee

Karen Mitchell, 2021

Excellent course, outstanding brand strategy content, enjoyable, practical, great insights.

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