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Vote for your favorite ad from each decade in our Toast to the Greatest Campaigns of the last 50 years and you could win a year's supply of Vogel's bread!


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- 1970s

- 1980s

Ads Of The 80s 

Ansett - Fluffy 1980
Ansett - Fluffy 

Ansett bringing to life a real stories in a humorous fashion on how brilliant their service is when launching into the New Zealand market. Ground breaking approach at the time to establish the Ansett brand in New Zealand. 

Apple  - I bought a computer – Farmer  1980
Apple  - I bought a computer – Farmer 
A man announces to his colleagues in a busy office: "I’ve brought a computer!" At first they are bemused by the technology, but as they discover, "anyone can learn the basics in just 30 minutes." Same theme with farmers.
BASF – Dear John  1980
BASF – Dear John 
This classic ad, made on a shoestring budget, used milk bottle caps as dog tags and a Wellington quarry to recreate a Korean War-zone. Inspired by the TV series M*A*S*H*, it featured Jacqui Fitzgerald singing a 1953 country song adapted by Murray Grindlay. The use of cassette tapes added a charming twist to the traditional 'Dear John' letter. Directed by Tony Williams, it was later voted the Best Australasian commercial of the 1980s.
DB Draught Road Gang TV commercial 1980
DB Draught 'Road Gang' TV commercial  
Made by Colenso, this was one of the first ‘beer anthems’ released by NZ following the lead of successful beer anthems overseas. Shot for cinema with very high production values, 2 versions (rugby and road gang) showed that you ‘Crack Open a DB’ as a reward for hard work. 
Cadbury Crème Eggs – Don’t Get Caught  1980
Cadbury Crème Eggs – Don’t Get Caught 

In this 1985 Colenso commercial, a Creme Egg is a guilty pleasure behind raised desk lids for two school kids. The narrator's smooth voice reveals their fate: "the smooth shell of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and the irresistible creamy yolk will ultimately give them away!" The catchy Murray Grindlay chorus, "don’t get caught," became a Kiwi pop culture staple. Variations of the ad ran until 1996.

Fernleaf Butter - Divorce  1980
Fernleaf Butter - Divorce

This soap opera from Roy Meares and Jeremy Taine broke open the taboo subject of divorce as an everyday part of NZ life – just like Fernleaf Butter. It’s brand as a cultural touchstone. Testament to the power of the execution and society’s fascination with soap operas that it seamlessly transitioned to be the Anchor Family when Anchor swallowed up Fernleaf. 

Instant Kiwi Attitude – Bungy Fishing  1980
Instant Kiwi Attitude – Bungy Fishing   

This classic 1989 commercial for NZ Lotteries’ new 'scratch and win' cards asked, "Instant Kiwi attitude: have you got it?" Directed by Lee Tamahori, it personified the adventurous, risk-taking spirit with a bungy-jumping fisherman. This iconic ad is a hallmark of New Zealand's big-budget advertising era.

Just Juice  1980
Just Juice  

The launch ads featuring Kenny Everett was a bold use of an international talent but the brand really hit its stride when it adopted music tracks that gave it a tropical vibe. This is horribly dated but isn’t that the joy of the 80s? 

NZ Tourism – Dont Leave Home Until Youve Seen the Country  1980
NZ Tourism – Don't Leave Home Until You've Seen the Country 

After the fourth Labour Government came into power and immediately devalued New Zealand's currency by 20% in 1984, the NZ Tourist Board launched this classic ad to encourage Kiwis to spend locally. The catchphrase quickly caught on, featuring an enthusiastic Kiwi on his OE (Philip Laing) meeting people overseas who know more about his country than he does.

Odd fellow – Im an Odd fellow 1980
Odd fellow – Im an Odd fellow 

A parody of the classic Monty Python Skit, The Lumber Jacks song. 

pixie caramel.
Pixie Caramel Bar. Any Last Requests?

The any last requests became iconic especially in barrs at the end of the day when people would then ask for a Pixie Caramel. Great illustration that Pixie Caramel lasts longer than other chocolate bars. 

Saatchi & Saatchi – Lessons from Geese 1980
Saatchi & Saatchi – Lessons from Geese 

Shameless self-promotion that worked so well for Saatchi especially during pitches for new business where they put their money where their mouth was.  This advertisement is an example of work that burrowed their way into the New Zealand consciousness on the strength of the ideas and was used in countless conferences to rev up the troops! 

Sailing Away  1980
Sailing Away 

In this video billowing sails and an impressive array of mid-80s celebrities (musicians, broadcasters, sportspeople) raise their voices in patriotic fervour, to rally support for the first Kiwi challenge for the America's Cup: “in a boat just called New Zealand”. 

Steinlager - Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones 1980
Steinlager - Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones 

The ‘They are drinking our beers here’ campaign is launched.   Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones’s  feature in Steinlager advertisement and win the best alcohol commercial in the world award at a New York competition. Great Kiwi scriptwriting! 

Tip Top Trumpet - Rachel Hunter  1980
Tip Top Trumpet - Rachel Hunter

The famous VW Beetle Trumpet ad first appears staring a 16 year old Rachel Hunter who went on to become a world super model and marry rocker Rod Stewart. It was shot around Matakana and Whangateau, north of Auckland. The "You can't beat a Trumpet" TVC became a Kiwi classic and was recycled by Tip Top several times over the following decades. 


Arguably one of New Zealand's most beloved advertising campaigns, the Crumpy and Scotty adverts combined an iconic Kiwi author, odd couple comedy, and off road driving. They also deftly sent up two cliches: the unruffled country guy — in the shape of Good Keen Man Barry Crump — and the wimp from the city (played by Lloyd Scott).  

Travellin On - Europa (with Stevie Ray Vaughan) 1980
Travellin' On - Europa (with Stevie Ray Vaughan) 

This 1988 Europa commercial showcases the guitar playing of American bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan. An anthem to good times on the road, the promo features four friends — musician Midge Marsden, jingles veteran Murray Grindlay, Vaughan’s fiance Janna Lapidus and Brigitte Berger — larking around the North Island in an old ute.

TVNZ – Goodnight Kiwi 1980
TVNZ – Goodnight Kiwi 

This spot ran from 1981 until 1994 – a 13 year run that few other ads ever achieved. It’s probably one of the first pieces of branded content, as we call it now. Charming piece of storytelling from a more innocent time.  

Ads Of The 70s - Voting form is below the ads! 

Cadbury Pinky Bar, Kind of Kinky
Cadbury Pinky Bar, Kind of Kinky
A 1970s disco complete with hip people, bell bottom trousers, afros, strobe lighting, and music performed by Marc Hunter and the band Dragon.  
Choysa Tea Red Cross-1
Choysa Tea Red Cross / Choysa Tea - Concrete 
A 1970s disco complete with hip people, bell bottom trousers, afros, strobe lighting, and music performed by Marc Hunter and the band Dragon.  "PinChoysa fixing problems with a friendly cuppa of tea.
Columans Self Saucing Spongy Puds. Hungry Lads.
Columans Self Saucing Spongy Puds. Hungry Lads. 
A voiceover in the "gobbledegook" style of "Professor" Stanley Unwin made this a memorable commercial. Four overgrown lads, dressed up in their public school caps and uniforms, become cry babies when their Mumble discovers Women's Lib and refuses to slave in the kitchen making any more spongey pud
General Foods – Great New Zealand Pie
General Foods – Great New Zealand Pie 

The "Four 'n Twenty" pie mentioned is a variety of pie invented in Australia in 1947. The pie's name is a reference to the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence, which includes the line "four 'n twenty blackbirds baked in a pie." 

Great Crunchie Train Robbery Cadbury Crunchie
Great Crunchie Train Robbery Cadbury Crunchie 

A mainstay on cinema and TV screens for over 20 years, this commercial — reputedly NZ’s longest-running — made Kiwis feel as if the UK-born hokey pokey treasure was ‘ours’. 

Different Faces – Greggs Coffee
Different Faces – Greggs Coffee, Version 1 

An incredible social statement by a brand about NZ’s multi-cultural identity, especially for 1970. While the execution is terribly dated, the concept and brand positioning would stand up today. 

Hansells Jungle Juice – you’ll be a tiger for the taste
Hansells Jungle Juice – you’ll be a tiger for the taste 

Animated wild animals – some resembling characters in Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967) – sing the praises of Hansells Jungle Juice drink mix.  "Mmmm. You’ll be a tiger for the taste of Jungle Juice…".

Hudson's Cookies. Cookie Bear in Supermarket.  

The Hudson's Cookie Bear mascot dates back to 1968, and is still used today by Griffin's (who acquired the Hudson's company during the late 1980s). Iconic image for Hudsons. 

Hugo and Holly – Kentucky Fried Chicken
Hugo and Holly – Kentucky Fried Chicken 

Decades after the words "and Hugo said you go" first entered eardrums, this animated Kentucky Fried Chicken ad is still beloved by many on both sides of the Tasman. Two children sit in the car with a hunger so strong, they're "getting thinner.” 

National Party Election Campaign - Superannuation
National Party Election Campaign - Superannuation 

This is arguably the most controversial election campaign advertisement in New Zealand’s political history. It suggests that Labour’s compulsory superannuation policies are verging on communism – animated Russian Cossacks dance across the screen before National Party leader Robert Muldoon addresses voters directly.  

Ads Of The 90s 

Anchor – Fernleaf Dairy – the Shoot 

Anchor – Fernleaf Dairy – Starting Over 

Anchor – Fernleaf Dairy – Therapy 

Anchor – Fernleaf Dairy – Nightmare 

Anchor – Fernleaf Dairy – Family Addition 
The soap opera of Sam’s family continued on in a number of executions through the 90’s. 
DB – that man deserves a DB 
This classic advert has beer drinkers in a heavenly pub deciding who deserves a beer depending on if they have done good deeds. 
Lion – Red Blooded 
The return of the beer anthem - This boisterous Geoff Dixon-directed commercial dates from the time when craft beer was yet to make a big mark, and Lion Red was NZ's number one beer. Hyperactive in a flannel shirt, a pre-Hercules Michael Hurst takes the mic at a pub talent quest, and sings a war cry for Kiwi blokes against wimpy pretenders like champagne cocktails and Mexican beers. Local advertising veteran Roy Meares wrote the "anti-yuppie commercial"  
L&P – it aint famous 

This original L&P TV ad came out in 1994. Its super, effective and cemented L&P as a truly iconic kiwi brand that understood what makes New Zealanders tick. The ad is essentially a montage of New Zealanders doing what we do best; burger bars, public swimming pools, the classic L&P bottle in Paeroa that still stands and some questionable furniture. 

Lotto Lawnmower 

A mans dreams comes true when he wins Lotto - To the tune of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World," a proud owner takes his ride-on lawnmower out of the garage and mows the narrow strip in the centre of his drive. 

McDonalds Kiwiburger 

McDonald's Kiwiburger reflect huge societal changes within Aotearoa, as well as the enduring charm of composer Murray Grindlay's original jingle. The 1995 ad is a feast of graphics celebrating traditional and quirky Kiwi icons and tastes — including the All Blacks, Buzzy Bees, and sheep dogs, set to Grindlay's inventive, rhyming roll call. Performers Anika Moa and Troy Kingi stick to Grindlay's composition, but break out the ukuleles, backed up by a multicultural choir including singer Tami Neilson. The lyrics are also given an overhaul, with flat whites, umu feeds, tattoos and kauri trees. 

...'cause we love All Blacks, thermal daks, egg and cheese, walking tracks, beef patties, marching girls, tomato, lettuce, paua shells... 

Mainland – good things take time 

Mainland Cheese Stirling Colby 

Mainland Butter 

The start of the iconic statement of good things take time. This campaign is still running from its inception in the 1990’s making it arguably one of the longest running NZ campaigns. Alan McConnan of Mainland recalls working on the campaign with Saatchi & Saatchi: "they wrote some amazing scripts that moved away from product and feature-type crap. They convinced us to spend real money on production, which for a small manufacturing and distribution company from down south, was real scary. They took some risks and we won some and lost some. But they were true to the brand and the Old Man campaign was the original vehicle that got us there." The campaign was extended into launching Mainland Butter using the same character and narrative style. 

Christmas SCORCHED ALMONDS 1993  

The Nestlé Christmas Scorched Almonds advertisement from 1993 is a memorable piece of advertising that has left a lasting impression on its audience. The advertisement is set around a heartwarming narrative that captures the spirit of giving during Christmas. The story emphasizes the joy of giving and the special place that Nestlé Scorched Almonds can hold in these festive traditions. The tagline, "lightly roasted almonds lovingly smothered in Nestlé milk chocolate," further highlights the product's appeal as a luxurious and caring gift 

McDonalds Make it Click 

The "Make it Click" campaign by McDonald's New Zealand is a notable example of the company's efforts to integrate social responsibility into its advertising. Launched in the 1990s, this campaign was a collaboration between McDonald's, the New Zealand Police, and Transport Safety authorities. The primary objective was to promote seatbelt safety among drivers and passengers. The "Make it Click" campaign is remembered as one of the iconic advertisements in New Zealand. It demonstrated how a global brand like McDonald's could effectively use local cultural elements and social issues to create impactful and memorable advertising. This campaign is often cited in discussions about successful public safety campaigns and the role of corporate social responsibility in advertising 

The Milky Bar Kid 

“The Milky bars are on me!”. Sound familiar? The famous line announced by the blond-haired, blue-eyed young boy wearing glasses – aptly named the Milkybar Kid. Numerous child actors have now played the famous character, with the ad having been around since the 90’s 

Image (19)
Minties – its moments like these 

90’s version of ads that ran in the 1980’s through to 2000’s 

Image (19)
Speights – Better half  

Speights Deerstalkers Ball 

Speights Perfect Girl 

The iconic series that brought the Great Southern man to life. Throughout the 1990s, the "Good on ya mate" line became an iconic and signature part of Speight's advertising, firmly establishing the "Southern Man" persona as the face of the brand. The ads portrayed the archetypal Kiwi bloke engaging in rural activities and bonding over a beer after a hard day's work. 

Image (19)
Telecom – spot (5 commercials) 

Telecom – Spot calling card 

Telecom Spot Arts 

In the 90s Spot was an acronym for the Services and Products of Telecom, and also a much loved Australian Jack Russell terrier. He starred in 43 different Telecom commercials made between 1991 and 1998 — many of them on an epic scale and seemingly at risk to his life or limb. Special mention should be made of the size of the Yellow Pages shoot, apparently featuring a warehouse full of chefs, couriers and entertainers — and of Spot’s considerable arsenal of tricks from skateboard riding to orchestra conducting 

Image (19)
Toyota Welcome to our world 

An extravaganza of NZ landscapes and people.  John Grenell of The Saddleblasters had a New Zealand number one hit in the 90’s with the song 'Welcome To Our World'. The song was heavily featured in the Toyota TV commercial, as Toyota was a principle sponsor of the commonwealth games 

Image (19)
Toyota Hilux – bugger 

One of New Zealand’s most awarded advertisements including a Gold Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival.  A series of farming mishaps each provoke the laconic comment — “bugger”. That was the formula behind one of New Zealand’s most iconic advertisements. Made by Saatchi and Saatchi to follow up the beloved Barry Crump/Lloyd Scott Toyota ads, and directed by ad veteran Tony Williams, this campaign attracted 120 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (who ruled that “bugger” was unlikely to cause serious offence). The shock value of that word, the role of Hercules the dog, and the performance of the hapless farmer (in the tradition of Fred Dagg and Footrot) made for Kiwi pop culture magic. 

Image (19)
Vogels Bread – Kiwi Legends on Vogels - Rachel Hunter 

Model Rachel Hunter delivers a poem and laments the lack of Vogel's bread in LA, her adopted home: "It’s neat to nibble kibbled wheat, and keeps you looking trim / It’s a little slice of heaven, it’s a workout in the gym." Needless to say this inspired many kiwis when travelling to smuggle away some loaves of Vogels when travelling. 

Image (19)
Utter Peanut Butter Nutter 

This was released in March 1993. It won awards for both best AND worst commercial of the year. :) 

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