New Marketing and Digital GM at the Public Trust, Lyndsey Francis, is looking forward to building the future of a brand that has played an important role in Kiwis lives for nearly 150 years.

Formerly Director of Marketing at Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission for three years, Francis brings with her extensive experience in brand, marketing, product, and communications. 

She says the move from working in the financial literacy space to protecting people’s assets is a natural one and her previous experience has allowed her to get a deep understanding around consumer behaviour and behaviour change relating to big life events.

“There is a big transformation job to do, to really reactivate and build the future of the brand, what it means to New Zealanders and get them protected for the future. So, there is some nice meaningful work there.”

Her work will support the Trust’s ambition to get more Kiwis protected with their important products and services, using digital technologies, external communication and engagement.

“Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in enabling access to the estate management products and services provided by organisations such as Public Trust,” says Lyndsey.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bring the external communication and engagement together with a key delivery channel to support Public Trust’s ambition around getting more Kiwis protected with these important products and services.”

With the Public Trust celebrating its 150th anniversary next year Francis is already planning for that as well as thinking about what the next 150 years will look like for the organisation.

“What kind of organisation do we want to be and how can we mark and celebrate that with the public and our stakeholders. I think it’s an amazing achievement for an organisation. There aren’t many around that have worked for that long.”

She is also looking forward to learning more about how the Public Trust has helped people and uncovering those stories.

“[The organisation is] around at a time that’s super vulnerable for people and their families. It’s confronting but I’m looking forward to hearing about that work and how we can tell those stories.”

So far, Francis has been really impressed by the “culture of care” present within the organisation.

“It sounds cheesy but it’s the people. For an organisation that’s probably perceived as highly traditional I think it’s quite innovative about how it’s going about some of the people and culture work.”

As for the future she says she can’t wait to get “under the hood” and see how she can make a difference to the organisation.

“That’s how I always approach a new job. Try to figure out how I can do my best and get the best out of people. It’s exciting to be in a new role.”

source: NZ Marketing Magazine, 23 June, 2022