The MA and Principal Business Partner MAS recently hosted a networking event to champion a discussion about resilience and mental health in the marketing and agency world. Here, MA member Raman Kaur reflects on the event, her own experiences and how marketers can stay resilient, kind and positive in the age of disruption.

All those who know, and who know of me, are well aware of my genuine focus on mental health and wellbeing. I have been through times where talking to a therapist changed my life. I have started putting people over process and kindness over judgement. 

I have met a lot of people in my professional life who do the same. Where actions speak louder than words. Where, in their position of leadership and influence, they have the courage to openly talk about mental wellbeing, their journey and what has not worked for them in the past. But I mostly met them in the workplace. Not in a networking event.

The Marketing Association event “developing resilient marketers in the age of disruption” was such a nice opportunity to meet more such people. We had a great panel who openly spoke about being resilient in the fast-paced life.

I got into a deeply insightful conversation with Jude Becroft, and yes it was interesting. Very interesting! I told her how I struggle with the overflowing negative thoughts, the negative inner voices that make me imagine non-existing things and how I constantly battle with them. She said something really simple. Thoughts are NOT facts.

Simple, effective and so TRUE. They are not facts, I know that, but thank you for telling me. 

The power of words when you are on a mental wellbeing mission is priceless.

I don’t know what to say about Cassie Roma. She is truly a kindness warrior. Such a QUEEN. From what she shared with us, I genuinely believe that life always has something better for us, we just don’t know. 

It was nice to see some dudes speak on mental health! Ryan Jordan and Robert Dunne brought the known but not widely spoken reality of our lives – men may not always ask, but we all need support sometimes in our life.

So… how can we, as marketers, stay resilient, kind and positive during this age of disruption? It starts from the top, bottom, left and right. We all need to be in this together. If you see someone working longer hours, avoiding team lunches, generally quieter or not just being themselves, just ask if they are okay. Most of the times people do talk. If they don’t, that is also okay and we need to know when not to persuade. If it is persistent, ask them if they need help in a project, go for a walk, etc. These things helped me a lot.

Also, keep a check on yourself. If you are going through a lot of change at work, acknowledge the change and allow it to happen. Talk to your team members or your people you trust. Tell them how you feel and how it is affecting you. Take the help. I found my best friends at work by just sharing.

A lot of companies proactively engage with employees at an emotional level now. So find your safe place at work with the people you trust.

I also took out the stress through workout and cooking. The stronger and creative I felt I realised there is more purpose to life than my job. 

I am no expert at these things and I still get caught in stress and anxiety. But my suggestions come from my experiences. They helped me. I heard similar suggestions at the event itself. So something works I guess.

If you have found a way to manage the constant change at work, I would love to learn some tips and tricks.