Whether you’re an individual, a commercial icon, or an upcoming startup with vast entrepreneurial pursuits, thinking about your brand is both a necessary and continual process to carve your place in the memories of your customer.

To always be in control of your brand, never forget to ask yourself the following valuable questions:

Why do you exist?

Dive right into an existential crisis with your first step towards being a brand.

What are you trying to achieve?

Because a mission without a vision will always lead to serious strategic mis-decision.

Does your market exist?

As our dear friends at Investopedia will advise, roughly 30% of startups fail within their first year of operation, and this number staggeringly increases to 60% by the fifth year.

What makes you.. you?

Think of the values and beliefs that breathe life into your brand and understand whether this is shared amongst all stakeholders, especially your customer-facing staff.

Have you found the floating light bulb above your head?

A brand is only as great as the idea that drives it through to the point of execution. Give your team some TLC as you figure out the idea you want to highlight as key.

How do you handle a crisis?

How you position yourself when things go wrong leaves an everlasting impression of who you are to your customers. Transform customer concerns and issues the way you would take up a quest, and find the solutions that gains your customer's trust proving you are in fact the best.

Answering the questions above can be tough, we understand. However, it’s never too late or too early to keep pushing yourself and your commercial asset to unlock your brand's possibility.