Training and Professional Development can often be a tricky balance within organisations. On one hand, you want your employees to continually improve, be exposed to the latest tactics, tech, and strategies, and gain much-needed perspective to remain relevant in the field. But that is balanced by the pressures of having a small or non-existent training budget, time lost out of the office, and not having a guarantee that the skills your employees learn in the classroom translate to new ideas back in the office.

In response to this conundrum, companies have started shifting some of their resources into in-house training to get the most value out of their budgets. In many ways, In-House training can be more than just training; its strategy, planning, and team-building all at once. In-House courses can be targeted to your team or organisation’s needs, allowing you to choose what subject is being taught to ensure that you get the most value out of a day of training.

Within the course, however, the extra value becomes apparent. First, being in a course with only your organisation, there is an opportunity to openly discuss tactics, strategies, and approaches in a safe environment. The facilitator of the training becomes more than a teacher, they become a consultant - helping to guide, suggest, and educate your team as they discuss company-specific information safely and confidentially. This also gives you and your team time to have conversations that often get pushed aside because of deadlines and other higher priority projects. In short, training becomes a team-building opportunity.

And finally, it makes financial sense: In-House will let your training budget stretch further, as the costs of training are often reduced, allowing more people into the classroom. Also, having that 1-1 facilitator/consultant time can give you more value for your money.

In-House courses give you better flexibility in the subject material, opportunities to team build and strategise, and gives you an industry leading facilitator to yourself for a day to learn and consult from. In-House training is a great option to look into organisations looking to make the most of their Professional Development budgets.

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