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Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Marketing automation: The key to building a successful e-commerce store

So your e-commerce shop isn’t performing like you thought it would. You have a good offering, a...

How to Squeeze Maximum Profitability out of eCommerce

Written by Tomas Eyles, Account Executive - Engaging Partners

Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which ecommerce platform is best?

Written by Sonia Slattery, Founder, COO & CMO - Engaging Partners

Is customer experience the marketing department's job?

Answer this: What makes your brand different from your competitors?

How to: Master personalised marketing

A how-to on leveraging personalisation technology from Engaging Partners.

Work in events? Here's how to transform your marketing strategy in lockdown

The COVID crisis has been the catalyst for many businesses rethinking their daily activities,...

How to start delivering the leads your sales team really wants

In this blog, we share some tips to help facilitate the relationship between these two important...

The Steps of the Marketing Funnel

What is the marketing funnel? The marketing funnel is the basic, linear framework for sales and...

How to enable your sales team to provide a better CX

Creating outstanding customer experience (CX) is a team effort. That’s why businesses need to fuse...

How to: Double your lead generation in 30 days

This guide from Engaging Partners explores the seven areas to focus on to improve your lead...

E-Book: How to: A Guide to Marketing Automation

Downloadable e-book on Marketing Automation from Engaging Partners

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