Nicholas Bing

Announcing our newest Intern Board Member, Nicholas Bing

Welcome Nicholas Bing, our 2022-23 Intern Board Member, to the NZ Marketing Association, championing the youth voice on our board. Nicholas was selected from 21 impressive applicants.

Nicholas is the Assistant Brand Manager for Beam Suntory, working on the Bourbon portfolio. When we meet Nicholas, we were impressed with his passion for marketing, his extra mural activities supporting young professionals including the NZ China Trade Association youth associates and his open and engaging manner.  We look forward to working with him over the coming months. 

A big thank you from the MA Board to Alexandra Williams, our first MA Intern Board Member. While it may have been daunting sitting in a room of NZ’s leading CMOs, Alex shared her well considered views and ideas openly and with grace, enabling the wider Board to, in some way, ‘walk in the shoes’ of our younger members during board discussions. All the best for your future endeavours Alex.

As an organisation representing the marketing industry, we actively promote the value of having marketers at the very most senior levels of business – and living this through our own organisation.

The Intern Board member role supports a member’s professional ambition, the development of marketers with board experience, and ensures that discussions at the MA Board table include a wide range of members' views and in particular, that of our upcoming marketers.

Nicholas will start his 12-month internship at our September Board meeting.

Thank you to those that applied for this role and for your continued support for the Marketing Association.

Jo Boerema-Barr
Chair, Marketing Association


A note from Nicholas

"From the exciting world of marketing, the fast-paced essence of FMCG and the ever-changing market environment, I am a product of all those who have laid the groundwork for me today. Through the naivety of entering the industry mixed with a range of skills and diverse experience, I aspire to bring a rich and innovative approach that inspires the future of marketing. I am excited to join the board of the Marketing Association of Aotearoa. Being given this opportunity allows me to raise and develop other young marketers to achieve even more remarkable things by developing and marketing New Zealand talent to the world.

Having graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Arts (Marketing, Psychology, Communications & Commercial Law), I entered the world of FMCG within the beverage category working in the brand team in Frucor Suntory and have continued my journey now through to Beam Suntory. I've been grateful to apply what I've practised from my studies to the real world while still learning something new every day in the industry. My current role allows me to work on a very dynamic category with a variety of consumers and regulation that make it a fun challenge to navigate for one of the biggest global brands in the industry.

My passion for marketing stems from the new and exciting things we bring to the market to create value for people. Whether that be a new customer, product or service, marketers lead and paint the vision for many businesses to grow."

Nicholas Bing


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