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ASB Backing Business

Marketers coming together to inspire small businesses with their expertise!

The ASB Backing Business event series is the latest in a range of initiatives from ASB supporting small businesses, looking for ways beyond the financial to support small businesses and keep our economy going. As part of this event series, the MA have partnered with ASB to launch "Marketing inspiration for SME's", providing opportunities for us marketing community to give small businesses a hand by offering them marketing advice from us as industry experts.

The idea is to bring small businesses and a group of marketers together at a facilitated event where the small businesses can explore their marketing problems with marketers and agencies. Each business will explain their challenges and you will be brainstorming solutions as a group. You get to help small businesses and get fed & watered at the same time!

We are hoping to get a variety of marketers and agencies along to help as small businesses simply cannot afford the expertise that you will bring to the table.

The ASB Backing Business event series is exclusive to MA Members.

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