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Introducing MA's new Content Partner: Insight Online

The Insight Online story has always been about the people in and around us. That's what makes us unique. It's what we care about and how we've built our agency.

Insight Online is a Digital Marketing company that is specialises in search marketing.

Founded by Kim Voon in 2012, Insight Online has evolved over the last decade and has built up a tight-knit agency with happy clients and committed partnerships.

With being experts in our field, our clients and partners are rewarded with dependable systems, streamlined service offerings and a deep understanding of a complex field.

We are experts in:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Google & Facebook Ads (Paid Media)
  • Google Analytics (The geeky reporting stuff)

At Insight Online, we limit the number of clientele per consultant. This gives us time to become experts in their field while building solid relationships with every client we work with. We know what it takes to maintain a customer relationship for the long term.

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