John Miles

Podcast: Why you need to innovate, innovate and then innovate again with John Miles, CEO NZ Marketing Association

John Miles sat down with the AssociationHub podcast to talk about the NZ Marketing Association. Have a listen to find out all John has to say about the success and challenges we've gone through at the Marketing Association, and why innovation is a key ingredient to the success. 

Dive into their latest episode as they chat with John Miles, the chief flag-waver (aka CEO) over at MA. You'll hear about everything from innovative tricks on generating revenue to having a blast while still nailing that serious association business.

And if you've ever thought about adding some fun into your professional life, John's got some interesting tips on doing things differently. Seriously, if you're up for a laugh and some fresh ideas, this episode is a must-listen.

Listen Here:  Full Podcast Available Now

Olena Lima
Founder and Principal Consultant

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