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NZ Advertising Turnover Report

As a marketer you need to be aware of advertising trends in NZ and where you are spending your budget. The ASA Advertising Turnover 2021 report was released late last month. The advertising revenue across main media was $3.199 billion dollars for the 12 months ended 31 December 2021. This is a 30% increase over the 2020 reported turnover of $2.448 billion

The advertising industry annual turnover statistics are made available through the Advertising Standards Authority. The data in the turnover report is from television, newspapers, magazines, interactive media, radio, outdoor, addressed mail, unaddressed mail, and cinema.

In releasing the figures, the ASA says ‘Note that whilst there are similarities, there is no standard definition of ‘turnover’ or a standard methodology for collecting this data. Please take extra care when making comparisons between sectors.’

However, what is abundantly clear is that digital advertising is growing the market and is continuing to take a larger share of the advertising dollar. According to IAB NZ the total digital advertising revenue for 2021 was $1.848 billion, representing a growth of 37.8% over the previous year.

If these figures are to be believed it means that from a standing start just over a decade ago well over 50% of the advertising budget in NZ is now being spent online!

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