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Threads: Meta's answer to Twitter

The internet is blowing up with a fresh new feud between Zuckerberg and Musk after the unveiling of Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter. Like a modern-day Packer - Murdoch scrap, sh*t just got serious between the two rivals. In less than a week of launching, Twitter has threatened to sue Meta alleging it stole the company’s trade secrets when creating rival app, Threads.

Alright, buckle up for the Threads experience brought to you by Meta, the masters of sleekness. Setting up your account is a breeze. Download the app, link it to your Instagram, and decide if you want to import your Insta followers. Boom, you're in like Flynn. Functionally, Threads operates similarly to Twitter, with a few minor differences. Users can write short posts of up to 500 characters, including links, photos, and videos up to five minutes long. The moment you enter Threads, it's like Instagram and Twitter had a wild night in Vegas and created a lovechild.

But hold on to your hats because there are a few bumps on this Threads journey. Prepare to be utterly perplexed by the newsfeed. Despite following your peeps from Instagram, your feed will be flooded with random accounts from all over the globe. Who are these people? Some have fancy blue ticks, while others have usernames, not their actual names and as the day goes on, the algorithm starts to figure things out and throws in some familiar faces, but it still feels a bit impersonal.

Oh, and here's a real plot twist: you can't slide into DMs on Threads. Nope, if you want to unleash your smooth-talking skills, you'll have to jump over to the good old Instagram app and hunt down the same account there. Looks like Threads isn't the one-stop shop it claims to be. Bummer, right?

And just when you thought it couldn't get any wackier, here comes the fine print. According to the terms and conditions you breezed through, you can only bid adieu to Threads if you also wave goodbye to your beloved Instagram. Yup, once you step into Threads' lair, there's no turning back unless you're ready to pull the plug on your entire Instagram existence. It's like the mythical Hotel California—check out whenever you please, but leave? Oh no, that's not on the menu (unless you're willing to wipe out your Insta life altogether).

Brands take note because holy guacamole, Threads wasted no time in amassing a whopping two million users within just a few hours of its launch and 90 million within a few days. That's like a social media meteor shower! But let's keep it real—Twitter is sipping its tea with its 230 million users, while Instagram is casually flexing its biceps with a mind-boggling two billion users. If even half of those Instagrammers decide to jump on the Threads bandwagon, it'll catapult the app to the big leagues as the eighth largest social media platform. Talk about joining the cool kids’.

So there you have it, folks—the good, the head-scratching, and the mind-boggling aspects of Threads. It's a sleek ride with a dash of familiarity, but watch out for the bewildering newsfeed. And if you're in the mood for sliding into DMs or plotting your grand exit, Threads might not be your wingman. But hey, that's the quirky charm of social media, where surprises lurk around every corner. Enjoy the wild world of Threads, my friends!

Oh, and I’ve changed my mind on who would win in the ring. Yesterday, I touted Musk for the victory, simply because he’d be a dirty fighter, but I’ve since changed my mind with Zuckerberg being the dark horse and ability to outwit Musk. This bout just got dirty!

Favorite Meme: The Spiderman meme.

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