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Global Thought Leaders Streaming into NZ for Marketing Disrupted!

The New Zealand Marketing Association has announced a new online series for kiwi marketers called Marketing Disrupted sponsored by TRA. Marketing Disrupted’ allows Kiwi marketers to learn directly from leading international experts and innovative thinkers. While our borders may be closed, our minds are not and this series is a unique opportunity for NZ marketers to engage with such thought-leaders. The keynote speakers from the US, UK and Australia will discuss innovation and disruption in marketing, data, advertising, technology, and business.

The first speaker is a world-renowned thought leader on strategic innovation, digital disruption and organisational transformation, and customer loyalty architectures – Dr Peter Wilton. Peter was named by Business Week as one of the top business educators in USA and heads up Strategy and Digital Disruption at UC Berkeley’s HAAS School of Business. He also consults 50% of the time to companies including Apple and Cisco as well as the biggest marketers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. “If there is just one webinar to listen to, this is it as Peter will change your thinking of how you approach to strategy in your workplace. He certainly influenced much of my thinking for the last ten years!” – John Miles, CEO NZ Marketing Association and avid follower of Peter.

The second speaker in the series is Jatinder Singh, Chief Data Officer at DDB, New York, USA. Jatinder spearheads data science innovation globally at DDB and is passionate about championing data as a tool for marketers to harness and infuse insights and push creativity further. He will reveal the secrets into ‘Driving deeper emotional consumer connections using data as a disruptive platform’.

The next session is one most marketers will want their CFO’s and CEO’s to join them for as it is on What happens to brands when they stop advertising. Dr Nicole Hartnett, Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute in Adelaide (home of Byron Sharp) will be presenting the results of their paper on this topic and discuss how ‘milking the brand’ might be an effective solution for a business in the short term but it is a gamble with potentially high stakes. It is important that we understand what happens when they do. How are sales affected? How big might the consequences be.

Lastly, on 7 October we have a legend of advertising and successful author from the UK, Paul Feldwick. Paul was an international creative strategist for over 30 years and the turned his experience into lecturing and writing two successful books. His latest book, ‘Why does the Pedlar Sing’ looks at what creativity means in advertising and with today’s convoluted media channels does creativity still have the power to disrupt markets.
To listen to these great speakers, you can either buy single tickets or purchase all the presentations for one price. To find out more go to:

Thursday September 23, 12pm, Dr Peter Wilton, HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley: Building the Future Ready Business: Reframing and Disruptive Innovation.

Tuesday 28th September, 12pm, Jatinder Singh, Chief Data Officer, DDB New York: Driving deeper emotional consumer connections using data as a disruptive platform.

Thursday 30 September, 12:30pm, Dr Nicole Hartnett, Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Australia: What happens when brands stop advertising?

Thursday 7 October, 9:00am, Paul Feldwick, Author, Lecturer: What creativity really means in advertising - can it still disrupt markets?

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