An overwhelming amount of opportunity exists online for business owners looking to expand their social media marketing. However, knowing where to invest your efforts can be difficult, especially with the growing number of social media channels around, each with a committed user base. One big mistake many businesses make is ignoring the power of Pinterest marketing.

Why is not having a business Pinterest account such a missed opportunity? Pure SEO explores this below, delving into how to use Pinterest for marketing and the benefits it provides businesses.

What is Pinterest?

A unique type of social media, Pinterest offers users a place for discovery, inspiration, and creativity. This platform is a visual discovery network where a ‘Pin’ represents each post, which can be saved – or pinned – by users on a ‘board’.

Users can search for Pins by typing keywords and finding specific ideas, images, and videos. Boards allow users to organise their favourite Pins in groups. For example, a user may have a fashion board, a kitchen renovation board, or a tattoo inspiration board.

As with most social media networks, users can save, comment, and engage with other users and their Pins.

Companies can set up a Pinterest business account to promote their brand and products on the platform, reaching users looking for inspiration.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

When using Pinterest for marketing, businesses on Pinterest can create relevant boards where users and potential customers can engage with them. Each Pin can link back to your website and boost visibility, all for free. Furthermore, the platform offers helpful tools for businesses with a social media marketing budget.

Like most social platforms, Pinterest has a separate platform for businesses. This platform offers resources specific to the goals of creators, merchants, and marketers. Our focus is on the marketing platform.

With your business account, you can turn your organic Pins into ads. Pinterest’s ads manager allows you to choose your ad spend and how long your ads run. Set your bids manually or save time with automated bidding enabled.

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is a fantastic tool for businesses, big or small, to reach new customers. Here are some of the top benefits:

High Conversion Rate

Because people use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, conversion rates are high. 61% of users have purchased a product after seeing a sponsored Pin. There are plenty of conversion opportunities on this platform as you reach people based on their likes and interests.

Automated Audience Targeting

Pinterest’s ads manager offers effective audience targeting. A streamlined, automated targeting system can easily reach your intended audience.

You can target new customers through relevant interests, topics, and keywords. Additionally, you can upload your customer list to reach those who have previously engaged with your brand.

‘Actalikes’ offer a way to reach new audiences based on your existing customers. As the phrase suggests, this takes your existing audiences and pushes your content to new users based on shared likes, interests, and behaviours.

Powerful Analytics

The ads manager on Pinterest offers you easy access to your campaigns and view rich analytics. This information allows you to optimise ads further based on their performance. You can see rich information on impressions, audience, and engagement.

Visually Engaging Ads

As a place for inspiration, users are more visually engaged. Pinterest lets you put visual elements at the forefront, fitting perfectly into somebody’s feed. Of course, you include relevant information, but the primary focus is visual elements.

You are more likely to reach people interested in your product with visuals based on user interest and relevant search terms. Strong visuals draw attention from users, and if they’re inspired, they’ll Pin it to their board or, better yet, click through to your website. With a focus on visuals, you don’t need to work to hold the user’s attention while they navigate paragraphs of information.

These are just some ways to push your brand on Pinterest and the benefits you could see. If your brand needs assistance with social media marketing, an NZ digital agency can help!