Marketing has long depended on broadcast media to advertise and market products and services to large numbers of people. Our audience has never been more fragmented. Everyone has their own screen, they multiscreen and they have ad blockers. Cut through has never been more difficult. How do you win in the current climate? Market to your actual audience - to your niche. Be small, be effective.

Some Quick Wins

1) Advocacy is key. In recent years we've seen a new wave of advertising taking the form of Social Media personalities grabbing cash for Instagram posts and tweets, and ithas proven to be effective. But just like any channel it will saturate and wain. Micro influencers are a great place to start, not only are they more affordable but their audience is fresher, and their posts feel more authentic. You want to have fans, not just customers. Passionate customers don't come easy. There's no easy math to it. The socially conscious, culturally activated customer needs to like your business, agree with your ethics, enjoy and want to spread your story - sometimes before they've even bought a thing.

2) Make yourself easy to find. Ensure your Google business page is tight and correct with accurate pictures, timesand numbers. Work on your SEO. Make sure when they find you, they find the right thing. Think about your customer experience from multiple touch points. Is it as smooth as it could be? Is your site structure coherent and intuitive? Talk to your customers and find out. Look at your analytics and see where people are bouncing.

3) You’re an expert. Act like it. Wherever you're currently working, you should be the very best at what you do, otherwise, why bother doing it? Look at the most commonly asked questions on Google in your field. On Quora, on forums, anywhere where people are looking for knowledge. And provide it. Whenever Gen Y or Z has a question their first response to pick up a phone and see if Google has the answer. Make sure Google finds you first.

Finally, Authenticity feels like a word that's thrown about a lot, but it is the core of any brand. People can feel when it's tacked on, or insincere. They just can. Your best customers are always the ones you start with. They're your brand's family. If they take you into their hearts they will stick with you through the good times and the bad.