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Resource Hub. - Mike Kevan, Digital Marketing Designer, Spark New Zealand

Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Marketing Responsibility: It's OK to copy. Right?

Responsibility: It's OK to copy. Right?

Social Marketing: When Pyramids Fall

If someone says to you “this isn’t a pyramid scheme”, 9 times out of 10, it is. My frustrations...

Just do it, and put your money where your mouth is.

Now we're in the wake of the aftermath. Many burnt socks, shoes, and even people's actual feet...

It takes a village to raise a brand: 3 wins to local marketing

Marketing has long depended on broadcast media to advertise and market products and services to...

Humour: The Great Disprutor

There are a lot of formulas to comedy. The classic tragedy + time = comedy, rules of threes, the...

Automating the Customer Experience

This isn't marketing/customer experiences first foray into chat automation. Watch any American...

Why is Brand Important?

The Toaster that won was the same brand as the toaster that made my toast when I was a kid. That...

Politicized marketing

In the current political climate with the rise of more and more popularist and right-leaning...

Run through brick walls - allbirds

When you unlock the thing that stands for something more; you can run through brick walls.

Other peoples shoes - Empathetic Marketing

After attending the Marketing Association's CX Conference the one major takeaway for me was...

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