Develop Long Term Brand Advocacy by Using Behind the Scenes Content.

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Your social media content might be looking sharp, but I’m guessing that you’ve probably found yourself thinking “I’m repeating the same messages” or “I’m posting the same things”.

It might be time for you to expand current content, and one of those ways is by being more candid. BTS posts are a great way to achieve this.

My name is Olivia, I’m a digital marketer here at Mint, and I’ll be talking you through what BTS posts include and why they’re great to utilise online.

BTS posts are pieces of content that share details from the background of the business. At times they’re completely backed away from the services or products on offer, and are more focused on the people in the business, the way in which the work is completed, and anything extra that might be worth sharing.

This content intends to make viewers feel like they are gaining some extra insight which they normally wouldn’t have.

The beauty of this is that viewers start to feel more connected with the brand. They can make more sense of day-to-day happenings. They feel like they understand the brand’s story, making them feel more aware of what’s really going on.

Have a think about some of your favourite brands to follow online. Besides their services or products, what else can you identify about them? What makes you think those feel-good thoughts? It is likely that they are not only sharing salesy, product or service-first content, but that they’re being genuine and transparent in other areas of their work.

One thing to mention is that BTS posts don’t fit into one basket. When we hear “create a BTS post”, our initial thoughts may be quite literal - a photo of your office space, warehouse, etc. In reality, a BTS post have more room to breathe.

Let’s look at some of our own examples.

A BTS post that Mint did last year was a video of a team dinner. We booked ourselves in for a mid-winter Christmas at Lone Star, and Karl our videographer got it all on camera! The result was a piece of content showcasing us eating lots of food, enjoying a couple of drinks, and having fun as a team.

The reason why this was effective is because it shows we’re human! There are faces behind the work of the business, and we treat ourselves when it’s needed. Other people and businesses can relate to that!

Another example of ours that was super memorable was the video about Louie, our retired office dog. Shots of Louie walking around the office was overlaid with people discussing what having an office-dog meant to them.

It was a super sweet reminder that amongst the gritty work and day-to-day happenings, we definitely hold those sweet moments in high regards.

When it comes to your social media strategy, we always suggest a mix of different content. BTS posts fall into those trust-building categories - the categories that don’t necessarily have to talk about your products and services.

BTS posts are effective as they help to develop long-term brand advocacy. As customers begin to know more about your business, they have more to share about your business with others.

To get into the habit, take BTS posts on-the-fly. As you go about your day, snap photos of things you think might spark a good conversation. That way, instead of being finely curated, BTS posts come across as natural and well-meaning once you post them.

Remember, something that may seem well-known or perhaps boring to you about your business may be completely new and exciting to another person. Start to give yourself some extra credit on things that are uniquely you. Good luck, and thanks for watching.


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