In the dynamic world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. While Facebook remains popular, Pinterest is quickly becoming a favourite among brands and consumers. Written by Alex Haskell, Head of Creative at Likeable Lab, this article explores how Pinterest offers unparalleled brand exposure and customer engagement opportunities. Read more to discover how Pinterest can boost your brand's reach, engage an active audience with purchasing power, and offer a seamless advertising experience.

"Struggling to reach your target audience online in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing? Imagine reaching a highly engaged audience with disposable income – well you can. (Semi) forget Facebook, one platform that's seen an uptake in popularity recently is Pinterest. But what's driving this rise, and why should New Zealand brands be on it?

Amplified Brand Exposure

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands to increase their visibility and expand their reach. Unlike fleeting posts on other social media platforms, pins have a longer lifespan. This means that branded content has a higher chance of being discovered and shared over time. Imagine a user searching for "hiking trails in New Zealand" and stumbling upon a well-crafted board by your outdoor apparel brand showcasing stunning scenery and featuring your products. This organic reach can lead to significant brand awareness and position your company as a first thought in your niche.

A Pool of Active Users and High Purchasing Power

Pinterest boasts a rapidly growing user base. With millions of active users globally, it offers a massive opportunity for brands to reach a highly engaged audience meaning brands can increase the relevance of their content and effectively engage with potential customers who are more likely to convert.

Also, Pinterest users love to shop! Around 85% of people who use the platform weekly make purchases from pins they have seen/pinned. Studies show they're more likely to make purchases after discovering products on the platform compared to other social media channels.

No More Disruptive Ads

Consumers are increasingly aware of traditional advertising. Pinterest thrives on a different approach. It integrates promoted content into users' feeds, ensuring that ads blend in with organic content and resonate more with the audience. It also leverages user data to deliver personalised recommendations, making it easier for consumers to discover products and content that aligns with their interests, passions and aesthetics etc.

Users are often drawn to:

  • Creator-generated content (CGC): Content created by influencers and brand partners that feels authentic and relatable.
  • User-generated content (UGC): Content created by everyday users who share their experiences with products.
  • Visual storytelling: Pinterest is a visual platform, so content that tells a story through eye-catching and compelling visuals tends to perform well. Whether it's through curated imagery, visual guides, or mood boards, impactful visual storytelling can capture users' attention and drive engagement.
  • Inspirational and aspirational content: Pinterest users often come to the platform to discover ideas and get inspired. Pins that showcase aspirational lifestyles, design concepts, fashion trends, travel destinations, or motivational quotes tend to attract attention and are more likely to be saved and shared.

Pinterest offers a unique advertising environment that prioritises user experience and content discovery. By moving away from disruptive ads and leaning into visually appealing, informative, and inspiring content, promoted pins should add to the platform experience rather than take away from it meaning brands can connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

A Holistic Approach is Key

Success on Pinterest isn't just about throwing up some pins and hoping for the best though. Brands need to adopt a holistic strategy, ensuring their profiles are optimised for discoverability. This includes:

  • Using relevant keywords
  • High-quality product images
  • Clear descriptions
  • Create well-organised boards with clear titles
  • Organic posting
  • Paid advertising

Campaign assets should be carefully crafted to speak directly to your performance goals. Here are some key elements:

  • Clear calls to action (CTAs): Tell users what you want them to do, whether it's visiting your website or making a purchase.
  • Inspiring product imagery: High-quality visuals that capture attention and showcase your products in a stand-out/look sexy/demand attention kinda’  way.

To maximise your reach and engagement, consider using a variety of ad layouts:

  • Promoted Pins: These are essentially regular pins that get a boost in visibility by appearing higher in search results and user feeds. They are a great way to promote specific products or blog posts.
  • Carousel Ads: Showcase multiple products or tell a visual story with up to 10 images or videos in a single swipe-through format. This is ideal for showcasing product variations, features, or a step-by-step process.
  • Shopping Ads: Simplify the buying journey by allowing users to purchase directly from the pin without leaving Pinterest. Include high-quality product images, clear descriptions, and pricing information.
  • Idea Pins: Short-form video tutorials (up to 60 seconds) are a fantastic way to demonstrate product use in an engaging and informative way. Show off recipes using your kitchenware, styling tips featuring your clothing line, or the functionality of your outdoor gear.
  • Collection Ads: Combine a hero image or video with multiple related product pins, creating a mini-shoppable storefront within Pinterest. This allows users to explore your product range and discover complementary items.

In a nutshell, think of high-quality visuals, clear messaging, and a variety of ad formats to target different goals to get high-converting content/pins.

Hub Of Resources & Inspo:

Pinterest Business and Newsroom is a goldmine of info and success stories to give your brand a leg up. By tapping into their resources and staying on top of trends (Pinterest Predicts is your new best friend), you can tailor your content to resonate with a ready audience, maximising your impact and crushing your marketing goals.

The Key Takeaways:

Pinterest presents a unique opportunity for New Zealand brands to connect with a highly engaged audience. By understanding the platform's dynamics and embracing a holistic strategic approach, brands can leverage the power of aspiration and curate a winning presence on Pinterest."

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Source: Alex Haskell, Head of Creative, Likeable Lab