Giving users multiple ways to enter funnels

The Client

Kiwi Wealth, a sister company of Kiwibank, is a NZ owned and operated investment service and KiwiSaver scheme provider. They are working with Catchi to test concepts ahead of going live with their new website, with the goal of improving customer acquisition and user engagement.

The Challenge

The client’s market has many regulations and their range of investment services must accommodate a wide range of users. Unlike typical product lines, this necessitates a rather long conversion funnel with several options. Just before entering the conversion funnel, when users click a Call To Action (CTA) button, it’s not always clear what users can expect. How flexible are these services? What options will be available upon clicking through?

The Hypothesis

When creating a Kiwi Wealth managed fund account, users can choose different fund types, and a number of other options including individual versus joint accounts. By providing users with multiple CTA buttons, or a ‘dynamic’ dropdown CTA with supporting information, we hypothesised more users would engage with the webpage, click through to enter the funnel, and (ideally) convert.

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