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MA Partners with Cupra New Zealand

We are excited to announce a new partnership with European Motor Distributors (EMD). Both partners identified some great mutual benefits, and as a result, EMD has provided MA a brand new Cupra car! With a heritage of performance and reliability tested in the Dakar rally, Marketing Association is really thrilled to bring the Cupra to the attention of NZ Marketers. There is a fantastic range of Cupras and MA has received one of the best of them. Why? Well EMD were excited by the launch of the NZ Marketing Academy and upskilling their team with the best marketing workshops in NZ, plus, they saw the value in the rapidly growing following of MA by marketers around New Zealand.

So, make sure you keep an eye out for the newly branded car at MA events and meetings, and if you see us driving around, take a photo and tag us in!

John Miles (MA's CEO) has given it the test drive over the weekend and reports, “it is brilliant – smooth ride with enough electronics to launch the moon probe. I highly recommend it as an alternative to any SUV on the NZ market. It’s been a head turner and one of the MA board called it the ‘Transformer SUV!’. My daughter thought the gold on the wheels were particularly cool! Like you, I hadn’t heard of Cupra before Matt Tohill told me, and I am thrilled by it! It’s an 11 out of 10! My goal is to help Cupra sell at least 4 of these to marketers in the next year!”

car reveal

group photo at dealership

team photo


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