Theresa Gattung confirmed to speak at AML

Marketing legend, preeminent CEO, chair of several boards, director of even more and co-founder of My Food Bag, Theresa Gattung is coming to share her wisdom on the Professional Certification of Advanced Marketing Leadership.  Theresa’s experience is unparalleled.  Drawing on her experience as Chair and professional director in many governance roles, and as the former CEO and Managing Director of Telecom New Zealand she explores her learnings around business success.  Also, as a successful entrepreneur with My Food Bag, where they were as much driven by purpose as profit, she is fascinated by the power of entrepreneurial projects to integrate the commercial world with social outcomes.

This is an outstanding opportunity for our next generation of marketing leaders to learn from one of the most skilled business people in New Zealand’s history.

There are 2 weeks left to nominate one of your star performers to become part of Professional Certification of Advanced Marketing Leadership. We already have 27 nominations, so make yours here.

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