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Resource Hub. - Steve Main, Director, Principals

Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Why use a Branding Agency? The big picture perspective

Why go to the trouble and expense of rebranding? The answer is simple and compelling. Your business...

The essentials of B2B branding

With the landscape more complicated for B2B brands than ever before, there’s much to consider when...

Lime scooters - Brand Alpha Survey findings

This week Lime e-scooters were withdrawn from the streets of Auckland. Principals’ Steve Main...

FMCG brands, is product packaging responsible for your brand's growth (or lack of it)?

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it’s not just effective packaging design but...

The rise and fall of brands

For more than a decade, we have been researching what makes great brands through the lens of...

What I learned about branding in Nepal

Steve Main shares the tale of his family trek in Nepal which led to an unexpected branding lesson.

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