Why go to the trouble and expense of rebranding?

The answer is simple and compelling. Your business environment is always changing and you can’t afford to be left behind.

New competitors, changing customer tastes, disruptive technologies and many other factors alter the dynamics of the marketplace. In this environment, the firm that fails to adapt loses.

Most of us in the professional services are so busy doing our work that we don’t have the time, patience or energy to monitor changing market conditions and the evolving needs of our clients. That means every five to ten years any firm will find itself out of synch with the marketplace and, if it waits too long, struggling to compete and stay relevant.

So why use a branding agency over other communications agencies?

Branding agencies think about brands from a big picture perspective – they’re not locked into a particular channel view or specialisation.

Increasingly, clients are asking for an “inside out” approach to understanding the culture of a business, not just its products and services. And communications strategies now need to be coordinated across many more channels.

Brand agencies help to identify key positioning ideas and branding tools that all communications agencies can share to build a coherent brand. They can create an array of branding tools (not just logos) to build an unmistakable signature style for a brand. Branding agencies don’t displace other communications specialists, they compliment them.

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