International Keynote: Ridley Plummer, Metaverse and NFT Project Manager at Tennis Australia.

Spearheading the AO Metaverse launch and AO Art Ball NFT's, Ridley is passionate about NFT and blockchain technology and its potential to evolve industries beyond physical sporting events into the virtual world.

Ridley joined us to share how he took the 2022 Australian Open into the Metaverse and brought the experience to life for fans around the world. He also discussed his views on how brands can look to expand their digital presence by merging and experimenting with IRL and virtual experiences.

Key points Ridley presents:

  • Opening the AO experience to a global audience
  • How it allowed us to talk to a new group of people and start building an engaged online community
  • Collaborating with creators to generate enough content to keep attracting customers back to our virtual world
  • Where do brands fit into all this?
  • What we learnt from hosting The Australian Open Metaverse closing party

Watch the video below: