The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on!

If you’re like us here at Mint, your festive marketing plans have been sorted for some time now. If that’s not you just yet (which you can be forgiven for after the chaos of 2021), we’ve got a few last-minute social media selling tips that may come in handy.

Over-communicate every step of the way

2021 has been a huge year for your audience, and many of them will be feeling significantly more brain fog than in previous festive seasons. Being a consumer in the digital age also means that with every year that passes, they are saturated with more and more digital advertising.

Because of the above, over-communicating to engaged customers is key. Last-minute Christmas shopping will never be a thing of the past, so make sure they know your cut-off dates long ahead of time. And then tell them again, on multiple forms of social media (stories, in feed, and paid posts), to make sure the message sticks.

For you brick and mortar or omni channel retailers, be sure to over-communicate your late night shopping hours, as well as any days you will close and any little extras like free gift wrapping.

Virtually give back

Audiences love a feel-good factor, especially in a year where the narrative has been firmly rooted in sticking together.

  • Are a proportion of your sales being given to charity?

  • Do you always have a ‘giving back' function to your business?

  • Is there a way you could get your product into the community to help someone in need?

No matter how big or small your contribution is, make sure it’s front and centre on your social media channels. Sometimes this feels counterintuitive (i.e. is it really a good deed if you post about it?), but it can also spur others on to have an impact of their own. For that reason alone, giving back is something to shout about. It just also has the added bonus of adding an edge of authenticity and compassion to your brand's social media image.

Link up with like-minded faves

Work smarter not harder this season and leverage engagement by collaborating with a relevant brand. Could you put together a few hampers or giveaways, or utilize the Christmas spirit to shout about your favourite store for last-minute vouchers?

This could be as simple as an Instagram story series where you talk about the brand's product and link out to their website (which you can now do no matter your page size with Instagram’s sticker link update!). If you’re after something a little more permanent on the feed, the introduction of Instagram’s Collab feature is an absolute game-changer for Christmas collaborations. One post, shared between two brands, leveraging each other’s audiences and engagements.

Understand your audience's circumstances

Know your audience's budget constraints as well as you know your product. What is the typical age range of your followers/engagers, and what assumptions can you make about their buying habits at this time of year? Be budget conscious, and create content centred in gift guides that fill the gap for them.

Also, take into account their location in terms of your communication style. If you’re a national company, take time to acknowledge how Auckland’s current Covid circumstances might be affecting their Christmas cheer, travel and shopping habits, and adjust your messaging accordingly.

We hope your business has a fantastic, profitable Christmas period. Our marketing and website teams keep our clients at the forefront of trends and functionality, so if you’re looking for some last-minute advice (or even to get a head start on your business new year's resolutions), we'd love to hear from you.

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source: Mint Design