Talk to sales and marketing teams and they'll often express the frustrations they each have about how each speaks in a different language. If you want to get your teams more aligned and generate better results for your business, this guide is for you.
Marketing is typically charged with generating leads… and sales, with closing them. So it makes sense that marketing and sales teams should be aligned in their strategy to generate and close leads, right?

Sadly, more often than not, the divide between the two teams is big. So it needs a top-down directive, a solid strategy and the right systems and processes to get them singing off the same song sheet.

This is where adopting a Sales Enablement strategy works. An effective sales enablement process starts with a strong focus on getting alignment between your sales and marketing teams. Underpinning it, you'll need the right sales enablement technology to enable your teams to collaborate and efficiently share customer data and insights.

Long time friend and sponsor of the MA, Engaging Partners, has created a guide to sales enablement that covers the best practices needed to establish and run a successful sales enablement programme. In it they cover:

  • Why is there a need for sales enablement programmes?
  • How to optimise your sales and marketing processes - are they singing from the same song sheet?
  • Choosing the right technology for sales and marketing to collaborate and share data
  • How to develop sales enablement content that your sales team will use.

If your business needs to generate better leads to drive more sales, then Sales Enablement should be on your 'high priority list. Help your teams perform better, and transform the way you do sales and marketing.