Bruna,  Solutions Account Manager at RECIPE Marketing, attended the 'Smarter Data Meets AI' conference organized by the Marketing Association. At the event, marketing and technology industry leaders shared insights on AI's innovative applications, ethical considerations, and industry trends shaping the future. In her write-up below, Bruna reflects on the conference's key takeaways and shares her thoughts on how AI is transforming marketing strategies.

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the world of data and AI at the "Smarter Data Meets AI" event organized by the Marketing Association. It was a day filled with insightful discussions, cutting-edge innovations, and stimulating conversations with industry leaders, and I'm buzzing with ideas and inspiration! 

The lineup was beyond impressive. Alongside Ben Reid, Astrud Burgess, Aaron Fuller, and Douglas Nicol, the event was rich with insights from e-marketers and data experts from leading organizations. Yabble showed us innovative ways to leverage consumer insights, Woolworths NZ dove into the future of retail and customer experiences, Stanley St discussed the creative use of data in advertising, and PwC shed light on the ethical considerations and governance of AI technologies. Not to be overlooked, the folks from Loyalty NZ shared fascinating case studies on driving customer loyalty through data.

Adding to the mix was Alex Rowley, who introduced us to the groundbreaking M3 model, a framework that merges marketing strategies with machine learning for unprecedented targeting and personalization capabilities. His session illuminated the path forward for integrating AI seamlessly into our marketing efforts, showcasing the blend of human creativity and machine efficiency. And, of course, we heard about Tina from Turners! Who doesn't know her!?

Aaron Fuller’s session was a standout. It revealed that an increasing number of boomers are turning to generative AI for advice on everything from finance and relationships to career decisions. This is a testament to the versatility and accessibility of AI across generations. I was surprised by it. Are we asking AI for relationship advice? Mind-blowing! 

Astrud Burgess from ANZ delivered a wisdom nugget: “Don’t build a Ferrari without a pit crew to run it.” This advice is a potent reminder that while diving into generative AI is exhilarating, it’s crucial to approach it with a clear understanding of its biases and limitations. As someone deeply involved with generative AI daily, I see its transformative potential. Still, we must strive to use it ethically and wisely.

So, here’s my advice: start experimenting with generative AI, immerse yourself in its possibilities, but never lose sight of the importance of critical thinking and ethical considerations. 

AI offers us a remarkable toolkit, but its actual value lies in how we use it to augment human creativity and decision-making.

A massive thank you to the Marketing Association and every speaker for a day full of learning and inspiration. Let's continue to explore the boundaries of AI, armed with the knowledge that how we use it can shape a better future for all.

Source: Bruna Keller, 14 April 2024