Instagram updates you need to know about

Want better engagement on Instagram? Three of the social media platforms' latest updates enable this engagement even further; the introduction of the Collab feature, link stickers and the ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

Collab feature

Download the video here

Instagram’s Collab feature is an absolute game-changer for collaborations with other brands. It works by creating a singular post between both brands, meaning views, likes, and comments are shared between the two. Think of it as working ‘smarter not harder'; it’s a fantastic way to get your product or service in front of a new audience, as well as leveraging engagement from your collaborator (particularly if you have a smaller audience).

Check out the video above and consider trying this on your next project (or use it as inspiration to seek out your very first collaboration).

Link stickers

Download the video here

If you haven’t spotted it already, you can now link out to posts in your Instagram stories! Like most marketers, you’re likely focused on building your Instagram presence to 10k to unlock the ‘swipe up’ feature, and know just how limiting it can be for engagement and sales if you haven’t yet reached that milestone. This new update means you can now take your Instagram Stories to the next level, and provide even more touchpoints in your audience journey. Get linking!

‘Add Yours’ sticker

Download the video here

This sticker is a great way to encourage interaction from your audience.

Essentially, you prompt your audience to share a desired image with you, allowing you the ability to view all of the stories where the sticker is featured. It’s a new way to authentically connect even further with your followers.

Instagram is constantly updating and we’re always keeping our clients on top of the latest trends to implement into their marketing, to ensure that they’re optimising their digital presence. If you’re keen to start a future conversation for your brand, reach out to our experts.

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