Be part of the hype: Introducing Product Drops

Picture this: Your favorite brand announces that it's dropping a new collection in a few weeks. The weeks fly by and on drop day… you completely forget about it. And that hot new item you wanted? All gone.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got something for you.

People come to Twitter to talk about products and product drops every day. And merchants have long been dropping products on Twitter without any native product support. We’re excited to change that and introduce new shopping features that empower shoppers to stay on top of the launches that matter most to them and provide merchants with another way to engage shoppers around big product moments.

Meet Product Drops – the newest member of the Twitter Shopping family.

With Product Drops, when a merchant Tweets about an upcoming launch, you’ll see a “Remind me” button at the bottom of the Tweet. With one tap, you can request to be reminded of the Drop. On launch day, you’ll get an in-app notification in your Notifications tab 15 minutes before and at the time of the drop, so you can be among the first to shop on the merchant’s website and (hopefully) beat out other shoppers. When you click on the notification, you’ll see a “Shop on website” button to purchase the item on the merchant’s website.

Before you click the “Remind me” button, we know you probably want to know a little more about what you’re even signing up for. What’s the product? How much is it? What are people saying about it? We’ve got your back: when you click on the merchant’s Tweet, you’ll open the Product Details Page – a full-screen space where you can see all the information you need to make informed and confident purchase decisions. This includes the price, pictures, a description of the product, and a clickable hashtag that will show you what other shoppers on Twitter are saying about the product.

For now, only shoppers in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS devices will be able to see and engage with Product Drops. We're testing Product Drops with select managed partners. Some of the brands with upcoming drops include @Dior, @Fossil x @JeffStaple, @HomeDepot, @LEGO_Group, and @unionlosangeles.

Don’t miss out on these drops! Follow these merchants on Twitter today and keep an eye on @TwitterBusiness for news about other drops.

Stay tuned! We’ll share more as we iterate on these new features and bring them to more merchants and more shoppers. If you’re curious about our other shopping features check out the Shop Spotlight, Live Shopping, and Twitter Shops.

Written by Justin Hoang and Siddharth Rao | 8 June 2022

credit: twitter