Why have a stakeholder communications plan?

In its simplest form, a stakeholder communications plan outlines who you need to communicate with, about what, how you’re going to do it, and how often. There are also a few important considerations such as timing and budget.

An effective stakeholder communications plan will:

  • support your organisation in achieving its stated goals and objectives
  • support or improve your operational effectiveness
  • support or improve your relationships with those who are important to ensuring your success (often called key stakeholders or your target audience)
  • deliver measurable results to your organisation.

What a stakeholder communications plan isn’t…

  • It’s not a marketing plan which would help you to define new products or services to offer to your audience, and how you would go about promoting these.
  • t’s not a sponsorship plan which would detail how you would go about winning and supporting a commercial arrangement with a sponsor.
  • It’s not a business plan for your organisation, though it may help you achieve some of your organisation’s business goals.

What it is…

  • It is primarily a public relations plan (including media relations) though it may include some wider communication tools such as advertising and direct marketing where these support your stakeholder communication objectives.

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First published on Sport New Zealand website