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Stakeholder Management: A Think Again event recap

On 4 April 2023 the Marketing Association held another of our popular ‘Think Again’ events at the...

What Marketers Can Learn About Stakeholder Buy-in from HBO’s Succession

HBO's Succession has captivated viewers with its gripping drama and dark humour and its current...

Managing your goddam stakeholders: The single most important success factor in B2B marketing

Doug Kessler, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Velocity Partners London, spoke at our Marketing...

Sustainability Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders From Air New Zealand Our purpose at Air New Zealand is to enrich our country...

What Is Stakeholder Theory?

What Is Stakeholder Theory and How Does It Impact an Organization? There are several ways to...

Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping credit: Professional Academy Welcome to this week's Marketing Theory post. This...

How to Create a Stakeholder Management Plan

How to Create a Stakeholder Management Plan Have you ever been so eager to manage a project, only...

Creating a Stakeholder Management Plan

Why have a stakeholder communications plan? In its simplest form, a stakeholder communications plan...

Advice from three of NZ’s top marketers – How to get ahead of the curve

On 21 February 2019 the MA’s Strategic Marketing special interest group hosted a panel discussion...

One + One can sometimes equal three

It’s hard to argue against the benefits of good strategic marketing collaborative partnerships....

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: There can be no compromise

Mutual respect makes the world go round in business. That said, we’ve all felt it at some point in...

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