ATTENTION MARKETERS: Streamline your social media content this Christmas.

When the rest of the world heads for a few well-deserved weeks off, many marketers are settling in for a hectic fortnight. Unlike their colleagues busily wrapping

last-minute presents, marketers are diligently keeping watch of their brand's digital presence. If this sounds like you, here’s a few tips to help you through:


1. Just like Santa, make a list

Does your company have access to a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social? If so, fantastic! If not, Facebook’s Creator Studio is a list-makers best friend. No matter the tools available to you, make sure to schedule well in advance to ensure content is going out in a consistent, timely fashion.

2. Create a dedicated time block

Reserve a day (or three) in your calendar where the entire intention is to create your festive period content. Let your team know your plan, turn your OOO on and get busy ideating and scheduling your way through to January. Trust us, in late December you will be ecstatic that you created this time for yourself.

3. Create pre-approved FAQs

If your company works on sign-off processes for community management (or you know you might need extra support crafting a response), spend some time creating and circulating expected FAQs before everyone heads on break.

Leave the drawn-out email approvals for when the team is in the office; a quick pre-approved response leaves plenty of time for enjoying the festivities.

A few example FAQ’s to get things rolling:

    • I need to get in contact with the X team/individual RIGHT NOW. How do I do this?
      (note: It’s ok to say they can’t! It’s simply worthwhile to consider how your company may approach this over an extended shut down period).

    • I’m upset that X happened (couldn’t get a product, shipping delays etc).

      How can you fix it?

    • What are the specifications of X product?

    • What are your Christmas opening hours?

    • What are your Christmas gift return policies?

4. Tell your boss the best present is the gift of time

Many hands make light work, so if you’ve implemented all of the above and you still find yourself stretched over Christmas, consider reaching out to an agency to support you next year. For example, at Mint our marketing team:

1. Create, run and report on all advertising for clients

2. Create a range of bespoke strategies that ensure our clients are confident in their plans for the rest of the year.

3. Work with clients to create seasonally-relevant content months in advance, so nothing comes as a surprise.

Sending you all of the festive well wishes that your holiday season is full of fun and free time.

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