Let’s be honest.
What’s all the fuss about Tiktok?

We’ve got Facebook, Instagram and countless more social media platforms, so what’s the tiktok hype all about?

Are you yet to join the TikTok craze? If you haven’t heard of it, or don’t know much about it yet, TikTok is a video-sharing platform that allows users to create short engaging/comedy and lip-sync films. The app's concept is similar to Vine, but it has additional features like the ability to live stream, receive gifts and utilise the in-built video editor.


Regardless of how popular TikTok has become, many advertisers are hesitant to use it to promote their business because of three common misconceptions:

• TikTok's entire user base is Generation Z.
• TikTok isn’t right for my brand or business.
• TikTok is just another form of social networking.

We aren’t talking about dances, nor lip sync battles on TikTok, but on the 17th of August we had a sell out Brainy Breakfast event to debunk the three common misconceptions. Over 200+ people packed the room to dive deep into the world of how their businesses can utilise TikTok for a new marketing channel to further engage with their audiences.

We were lucky enough to hear from Elisa Kelsall, Head of partnerships, TikTok Australia and NZ. In addition, expert Clare Winterbourn who has helped launch more than 250 brands onto the platform, and the well-known Australian comedy duo and social media stars ‘The Inspired Unemployed’ on the shift from Instagram to TikTok.


Cassie Roma kickstarted off the morning with hugs and hi-fives. Being recently fresh out of MIQ, Cassie is really no stranger to warming up a crowd. Moreover, Cassie influenced the crowd to be curious and listen up to the experts.

Elisa Kelsall was soon live-streamed in from Sydney.

Here’s the key points I managed to sum up.


TikTok is an entertaining platform that connects and creates value that people consume. Gone from the past of 30-45 second TV ads, say hello to cinematic, quick, engaging and authentic content. This content model is paying off as more than 1 billion active users are scrambling to endure more and more content.


“TikTok is now a merge of co-creation with brands, influencers and like-minded creators. TikTok is now building and influencing the way communities interact - everyone has a voice and purpose.” (Big claims, I know) But as a TikTok user myself, I have to agree. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed. Trends such as #HOMEDIY, dance challenges and comedy skits, provided an escape for millions of users.


It's no secret that individuals are coming up with new ways to keep themselves occupied during lockdown, and social media is a big part of that. As a result of people being confined to their homes, video is experiencing a rebirth, and popular sites such as TikTok are overflowing with activity from users wanting to pass the time. In recent weeks, TikTok has been swamped by shareable, viral challenges that put the world's ability and imagination to the test.


For a more recent example. Tokyo 2020: TikTok becomes the unofficial behind-the-scenes Olympic channel. It’s strange to think that we're now living in a time where Olympic athletes casually make TikTok videos after winning a gold medal.

Take, for example, our NZ olympic team boasting a whooping 164,000 followers sharing behind the scenes content before games. More interestingly, the team showcased a day in the life of an NZ olympian at the villages. As strange as that may sound, Gen Z has shown love with the account accumulating more than 2.8 million likes in less than one year.

“One TikTok user, after watching some athletes joke around, marvelled that Olympians were just "real people" after all”. BBC

Ok - so how can my business utilise TikTok?

  1. You can reach a diverse audience through TikTok ads - and no, that does NOT just include Gen Z as we were informed by Elisa Kelsall.
  2. TikTok makes it easy and affordable to create great campaigns
  3. TikTok’s versatile ad formats facilitate engagement
  4. TikTok is great for influencer marketing
  5. TikTok ads increase brand exposure
  6. You're advertising to engaged consumers on TikTok
  7. You can showcase products authentically on TikTok
  8. You can implement more effective video marketing on TikTok
  9. TikTok is a great way to stay ahead of the social media marketing curve

 All in all, you’re not alone if you're contemplating TikTok for your business.

 As Nicki Shirley, Head of Marketing, Qrious Limited, summed up perfectly: “if you’re toying with the idea of TikTok for your business, it’s time to give it a go. Just make sure you really think about how you’re going to create authentic and entertaining content. Don’t just repackage your existing content – decide on your community, formulate a creative strategy, and choose your collaborators. But most of all give it a crack, try some new things, and you never know what the next viral hit could be!”