Advanced Marketing Leadership

Advanced Marketing Leadership 2024 is now Live!

Our Advanced Marketing Leadership Programme for 2024 is now live and open for nominations! 

Tonight, 9 November, we're hosting our launch event evening here at the MA. At the same time, our web page and nomination form goes Live! You'll be able to download the epic PDF programme for 2024, where you'll quickly learn we have SIX international presenters for 2024, some of the names includes Mark Ritson, Andy Lark, Dr Peter Wilton, Britney Muller, and more. 

We also have incredible local presenters who will be taking impactful sessions including Shane Evans (Marketer of the Year 2021 and Chief Transformation Officer at SBS), who will be presenting a session called "So you want to be a CMO? - Have a plan". We've also got leadership expert Suzi McAlpine on 'Beyond Burnout - how to spot it, stop it, and stamp it out', Carl Davidson diving into 'Critical Thinking Skills for Marketers', and Jane Anthony, General Manager, CoE Lead Brand & Marketing, Air New Zealand, on 'Starting as CMO in a new company - tips for transition'. Plus, much more! 

Click here to find out more about our Advanced Marketing Leadership Professional Certification.

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