Although a lot of our work is optimising our client's websites for search engines, we must always consider what real visitors see as well.

As a result, landing page optimisation is a large part of our work and we wanted to share the principles we use with you all.

Having landing pages that convert at a high rate can make or break your digital marketing campaigns. There's no point in paying good money to send people to your website if you don't convert them into leads and sales.

Inside you'll learn:

  1. The 6-step formula for a successful landing page
  2. How to write persuasive headlines  
  3. What copy sells and what just clutters up the page
  4. Layout & design tips to boost trust and credibility
  5. What to do with your lead capture forms
  6. Effective "Call to Action" design
  7. ... and more tips


About Insight Online    
Insight Online is a digital marketing agency with a bunch of expertise in search marketing, , landing pages, SEO and Analytics. If you ever need a hand, give us a call anytime.

Photo by Tekton on Unsplash