Data is everywhere we look. Virtually all organisations have the sense they’re sitting on vast amounts of potentially valuable data and want to grow capability, yet many still struggle to unlock significant business value from this ‘asset’. An essential component of doing so is first creating a cogent strategy for managing and leveraging the data at your disposal.

The term data strategy means different things to different people – in fact, it’s become a confusing and overused phrase that doesn’t capture the essence of what is most important about creating a framework for data analytics. For the purposes of this guide, I’ve assumed that people wanting to create a data strategy are likely wanting to answer a single question:

How can we build the capability to grow and improve our business through data analytics?

I’ll therefore refer to the strategy outlined as the ‘analytics blueprint’ – a framework that is designed to help the nontechnical business leader grow capability at an organisational level and unlock significant and sustained value from their data.

Matt Wilkins, Partner at Datamine

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