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The Datamine Guide to Marketing Automation

Are you interested in personalising your marketing communications, improving customer engagement...

The Datamine Guide to Loyalty Programmes

Reviewing or rescuing a Loyalty Programme? Datamine has a checklist! Running a loyalty programme is...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Retention

Retaining customers is more important now than ever before. This paper outlines a robust approach...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Insights

While many organisations have expected that consistent data collection and closer collaboration...

The Datamine Guide to Data Strategies

Data is everywhere we look. Virtually all organisations have the sense they’re sitting on vast...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Segmentation

This paper outlines a robust approach to developing customer segmentation. If you make a product,...

Customer Lifetime Value and why it matters

You know the saying – around 20% of your consumers make up 80% of your sales. So naturally,...

Does my organisation need a data strategy?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

6 types of predictive modelling and their uses for marketing

Analytical and predictive modelling can have an incredible impact on marketing - check out these 6...

Analytics can solve your revenue challenges. Here's how.

Analytics isn't about spreadsheets and number crunching. It's about using data to solve your most...

Fantastic Customers and Where to Find Them (hint: in your data)

As a marketer, there are few things worse than spending a bunch of time and resource on a campaign...

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