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As Data Quality Declines, Costs Soar

The bigger the data, it appears, the better the chances much of it will be “bad” data.

The Datamine Guide to Marketing Automation

Are you interested in personalising your marketing communications, improving customer engagement...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Insights

While many organisations have expected that consistent data collection and closer collaboration...

The Datamine Guide to Data Strategies

Data is everywhere we look. Virtually all organisations have the sense they’re sitting on vast...

The Datamine Guide to Customer Segmentation

This paper outlines a robust approach to developing customer segmentation. If you make a product,...

Forget personalisation, it’s impossible and it doesn’t work

True personalisation is unachievable due to poor data quality, but it’s ineffective anyway and...

Data Sharing and Partnerships: A Checklist Approach

By Sharon Abbott, Head of Data Governance, ANZ Member of the Marketing Association’s Data Special...

Google Analytics 4 - Your Questions Answered

What is GA4 Google Analytics? The Google Analytics we know and love is an online tool to help you...

Smarter Data 2021

Salt’s Consultants Susan Lord, Oxana Metz and Richard Jee from our Auckland office shares their key...

Butterflies and Big Data – can social media algorithms predict our behaviour?

With everything capturing our data every time we use it - plus many apps which capture our data...

Data Matters! Say Marketers and Advertisers Worldwide

With overwhelming enthusiasm, a panel of the world’s advertisers and marketers affirmed the...

3 reasons why you don't get value out of your data & how to fix it

The truth is because it’s unbelievably difficult to create value at scale. It’s easy to create a...

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