Ask any marketer today what their number one technology requirement is, and chances are they'll answer: "marketing automation". If you're running an inbound marketing or content marketing programme (or plan to in the future) this guide is for you.

Marketing automation technology enables marketing teams to streamline their content marketing activities, giving them better control and visibility over their efforts and driving better business outcomes. And the right enterprise marketing automation software will provide advanced analytics that enables marketers to gain sophisticated behavioural insights, enabling the hyper-personalisation of content.

Boyd Wason, Managing Director of Engaging Partners (local experts in content marketing and marketing automation technology) explains marketing automation: "In a nutshell, the term refers to the process of automating marketing actions and repetitive tasks using smart software. If it’s implemented correctly, this software allows businesses to nurture customers throughout their buying journey with personalised interactions and relevant content."

Engaging Partners has created a guide to marketing automation that is a must-read for anyone new to content marketing and marketing automation technology. In it they cover:

  • What Marketing Automation technology is and how it is absolutely necessary to support content marketing programmes
  • The specific challenges Marketing Automation solves and the types of tasks you can automate
  • How to select and implement a Marketing Automation platform.

If your business needs to generate leads more efficiently, then Marketing Automation should be on your ‘high priority’ list. Find out what’s behind the buzz. Download the guide now to find out how to get started.