There is a war for talent and digital talent picks you, standing out from the crowd isn't easy. So what do digital candidates look for in future employers?

The top digital candidates are focussed on finding companies with great stories to tell because everybody enjoys a good story and you must stir emotions in people. Stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts or figures alone.

Great employer reputations and those companies with flexible working conditions and the most employee-friendly company values stand out. Build your employer brand to stand out and have your story heard!

The best way to showcase your employer brand is to elevate the great aspects of working at your company. Your goal should be to have enough appealing company info online through inbound recruiting, help people to choose your company and to see that your business is the right place to work and a great fit for them.

Your employer brand needs to be completely reflective of reality.

Social Media - Your company's social media profiles are great platforms for showcasing the value that you give to employees. The visual nature of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, makes them great places to post pictures of new hires, employees on the job and employees having fun at company events.

Your Company's Website - Your company's website may have an 'about us' page, but is this page clearly presenting your employer value proposition? Make sure your 'about us' page has rich, engaging information about working for your company and links to your social media, so candidates can easily continue their research upon visiting your website.

Offer the best employee perks for your employees, these should be created to support the job demands placed on them as bespoke and tailored as possible. Show the world how great your employees have it! The happier employees you can feature online will result in the better candidate first impressions of your employer brand.

Have company leaders play an active role, if company leaders personally meet with top talent for key positions, it shows candidates that your company sees their value and that you have friendly leaders.

Connect candidates with your company's mission, if someone connects with your company's mission, hiring them will be a breeze.

Connect candidates with your employees, whenever possible, get candidates to interact and connect with your employees. This way, talented pros already have friends in your company if they take the job.

Flexible benefits and compensation are crucial, a modern-day digital savvy employee has many choices of employer and is aware of their ability to work in a rewarding environment that cares about them.

Here are the usual workplace perks that we see:

Pension/medical/dental/life/insurance, equity sharing.

Gym, ability to work from home, flex time, extended maternal/paternal leave, travel benefits.

Snacks, a fully stocked fridge, catered lunches, team dinners.

Paid trips to industry conferences, access to learning/development tools, higher education perks, mentorships with PTL.

Events for work and for social, to foster team bonding and valuable time together outside of the office.

You're competing with many companies for the attention of the same talented people and using innovative ways to attract talent will help you contend with competitors. Researching companies in your area and other similar competitors and their talent attraction strategies will help you see which tactics are used to appeal to candidates in your region, and how to stand out from these strategies in an innovative way. Once you see how competitors and other companies in your area are portraying themselves, you can emulate the things they've done right, and take your strategy further where they fall short of presenting their value as an employer.

Your job ad and other content you put online should only present info that top talent will find interesting. For some help, you can ask high-performing people in your company what kind of content they like to read and examples of info they find interesting.

No doubt you've got this, and no doubt pigs will fly.

I hope this helps.

Article provided by Salt Recruitment