The B2B Buyer and the art of seduction

Emotions drive the B2B buyer on their buying journey. We all know that, right? But what are the emotional drivers that make the B2B buyer tick? How can you use them to your advantage? The B2B buyer looks for a personal connection rather than fancy marketing antics.

In this post, I take a look at seven of these drivers.

These emotional drivers are the invisible forces that push and pull at the B2B buyer’s subconscious, influencing their actions in ways they don’t even realize.

That’s why it’s so important to understand them, so you can tap into them and use them to your advantage when selling your product or service!


It might be hard to imagine being aroused by safety. But in the current economic climate, job security is a precious jewel, The B2B buyer craves trust, certainty and reassurance, and their main concern is to make an adequate purchase and maintain the status quo.


They are not the most passionate of buyers. Maybe they’re busy, or maybe there are just other things they’d rather be doing. What does turn them on is the path of least resistance. Simple and painless, please!


Sometimes the rapport between the B2B buyer and salesperson can over-ride other features of the purchase. A likeable salesperson can be a bigger factor than many realise. In the same vein, a sales person who comes across as insincere, or cold, can have the best product at the best price, and fail to make the sale.


The B2B buyer likes the people she’s buying for, and has their best interests at heart. She’s driven by the desire to please, and to make their lives easier. She’s satisfied when her colleagues are.


Call her an idealist, but the B2B buyer really does want to make a difference. She takes genuine pride in her work, and has an innate desire to see herself as making the right choices. If your offer is ethical or eco-friendly, even better.


The B2B buyer is motivated by any financial perks and kickbacks he can accrue for himself. It may not be the most flattering attribute, but it is a common human trait, which is why personal incentives work so well – particularly in conjunction with a solid offer to ease the conscience.


The B2B buyer purchases to impress. Career-driven and hungry for success, she is more likely to be an early adopter and risk taker. She’s attracted to the offer that has the potential to propel herself up the corporate ladder.

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