Modern consumers, overwhelmed by media and visual content on a daily basis, are turning their backs on direct marketing and looking for a trusted voice. In this light, a form of advertising that is subtle, relationship-based, and coming from people they respect, triumphs. These qualities are at the core of effective influencer marketing.

These respected figures create value from building a devoted audience from scratch. The morning conversations, tips and tricks and recommendations are something a loyal follower genuinely looks forward to each day. But as follower count grows, and the product promotions and strategic partnerships start rolling in, it's essential that their word and beliefs system reflect brand partnership choices.

Universally, "authenticity" is the main reason those surveyed choose to trust influencers online. Personalisation is also key, with 66% of respondents attracted to content that relates to their own unique interests. Naturally, we appeal to like-minded figures that can provide brutally honest reviews on products, services and travel destinations that we crave for ourselves.

So, how do brands find their third party cheerleader that can do just that? When influencer marketing first stormed onto the scene, vanity metrics such as follower count and engagement was an easy way to narrow down your shortlist of potential brand partners. The bigger, the better - right? Well not necessarily. A huge follower count is meaningless if that audience isn't interested in what you are offering. Instead, dig deeper and keep an eye out for consistency of look, feel, tone and values that compliment your own.

When you have found your perfect match that aligns with your brand ethos, try to look long-term as this is where the magic happens. Long-term relationships enable a content creator to naturally champion your messaging and product which leads to a deeper brand affinity and trust within their following. Even more so, there is opportunity for events, special projects and launches throughout the course of a year.

At WeAreTENZING we have a diverse range of content creators that use their platforms for good. Whether this is to inspire, entertain, educate or simply connect with their communities, they pride themselves on creating fantastic content for their audiences and brand partners. Get in contact with us today if you're looking for an inspiring advocate.