Creating and sharing content that engages your target audience on social media can be challenging. Get the latest tips from Engaging Partners on the best social channels to use for lead generation.

As a content marketer, you'll find there is a multitude of social media channels to choose from to promote your content, and many different content formats that work more effectively for different channels and audiences. So where do you start?

The process of selecting the right formats and social media sites to promote your content starts with a solid content marketing strategy. Take a close look at your ideal personas, research where they're likely to be hanging out online, and think about what content is likely to resonate with them at each stage of their purchase journey.

Armed with deep insights into your personas and great content to promote, your next challenge is to target the social channels that are relevant to them. Then it's time to massage your content so it's optimised to generate engagement in each channel.

Long time friend and sponsor of the MA, Engaging Partners, publish their annual update on the top social sites to use for lead generation in an infographic each year. This infographic is a quick guide to staying on top of the latest channels and tactics to consider for your content marketing.

Stop stabbing in the dark with your content for social and get tips from the experts at Engaging Partners.


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