Why is B-to-B marketing so samey, and how can it be made more effective? Those are the central questions looked at in the New Zealand B-to-B Marketing Report 2020 from TRA and Badger Communications.

It just doesn't feel, right.

If you’ve ever felt that most of the business-to-business advertising you see just isn’t that good, it turns out you may well be on to something.

Current B-to-B marketing culture hunts sales by listing rational product attributes and decorating these with “safe” clichés.

It’s such a well-worn formula it has to work, right?

With our partners at Badger, we investigated it, talking to Kiwi decision-makers across manufacturing, professional services, retail, building and construction, food service and retail.

The result? An interrogation of the value of emotion in B-to-B communications.

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