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Written communication and writing compelling headlines are critical to any marketer.

And when it’s time to sit down and do this, your number 1 nemesis is writer’s block.

I’ve been playing with a cool new AI-powered creativity tool and I want to share it with you today so that next time writer’s block strikes, you can get back on track.

Hey guys, I’m Alice, one of the Co-Founders here at Mint Design.

Writer's block tends to strike right when you really need your brain to perform, especially when deadlines are looming or your to-do list gets long because stress and creativity don’t play nicely together.

But now, thanks to this nifty new tool, we can use AI to help brainstorm great copywriting.

This is

Let me quickly show you how this works - enter the name of your brand or product then write a quick description.

Doesn’t have to be long, but the better the description, the better the copy this system will deliver you.

I was just playing around with this when I looked down at my trusty planner sitting on my desk- yes I use an analog notepad - and I punched in the name of my planner which is Short Listed and a quick description - a beautiful planner for busy professional women and I hit that button, Make More Copy.

The results were FAR better than I anticipated. gave me 7 options to take a look at and I was surprised at what it came up with based on my short description.

I found the creativity to be good but the accuracy of product details to be pretty average - the AI bots think I’m talking about a digital planner rather than pen and paper.

But this would definitely break my writer's block by giving me ideas for content for ads or for product descriptions. You can also use this for Facebook headlines, blog post ideas, Instagram captions and a whole lot of other cool stuff.

Worth playing around with their free trial. Keep trying to write new descriptions because even changing one or two words can render really different results. You can check this out at

Funnily enough I often encourage our team to always work on their written communication skills because I’ve always thought it’s likely to be one of the last things that AI robots can do better than humans and it’s always an in-demand skill.

But this is the first AI-based platform that is a leap towards proving me wrong - robots being better at creative writing might happen sooner than I predicted!

I hope this tip helps.

Thanks for watching.

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